Top Hygiene Tips for Pets


Who doesn’t love the feeling of being squeaky clean after a full day? For many people, personal hygiene is a clear part of their daily routine. In the morning, at night, and consistently throughout the day. Our hygiene is attributed to more than just keeping ourselves clean, but also the space in which we exist.

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First Aid for Pets


It is always best to be prepared. Especially for the unexpected things in life. Most people have some sort of a first aid kit in their house. Whether it is bandages, antibacterial medicine, hydrogen peroxide, or pain-relieving medication, most situations can be easily handled at home. Especially if a household has kids, they are more

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Care for Senior Pets


As much as we don’t want to acknowledge it or admit it, everything gets old - even our pets. It may be hard to watch your best friend get old and for some of us, we may even be in a bit of denial. But one day you notice they don’t come as quickly as

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Dog Health Tips: Grain-Free Food?


It is safe to say that everyone has heard about grain-free pet food being a healthier alternative at least once. But is that really true? Is it really healthier for your dog? Grain-free pet food gained popularity as a low-carb alternative for pets. This happened around the time the keto-diet became popular for humans. Dog

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June is National Microchipping Month


Calling all responsible pet owners! June is National Microchipping Month and it’s time to celebrate. Microchips can save lives and reunite pets with their owners in the unfortunate case they are lost. We are going to talk about all the ways the microchips help animals, their owners, and rescue shelters. In addition to that, we

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Cat Health Tips: What is an Ideal, Healthy Weight?


Maintaining a healthy weight is something many people struggle with. Obesity in children and adults has been on the rise for years. Studies have shown that pet obesity is also on the rise. The average weight for a cat has continued to increase over the years as pets gain weight. This gives a whole new

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Recognizing and Preventing Canine Heat Strokes


In the summer months, the heat can be unbearable. Overheating in dogs is not something to take lightly. It is important that we understand how heat affects your dog and the signs to look for when the heat is getting to be too much for them. Heatstroke, also known as Hyperthermia, is defined as a

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It’s National Rescue Dog Day!


According to the ASCPA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year. Wednesday, May 20th marks National Rescue Dog Day. This holiday was founded by Tails That Teach, Inc., and its goal is to bring awareness to the countless four-legged friends that are waiting to be adopted. National Rescue Dog Day is also used to

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6 Myths About Pet Loss


A pet can feel like a member of the family. For most, the loss of a pet can be a very hard and emotional experience. The grieving process after the loss of a pet can be a very hard, emotionally exhausting process. The conversation about death tends to avoided and is considered an overall taboo

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Puppy Mill Action Week 2020


What takes place the week before Mother’s Day, May 4-10th, and is meant to raise awareness of a sad and sick industry? It’s Puppy Mill Action Week 2020! The goal of its observation is to bring awareness and fight against puppy mills to end the horrific cycle. Puppy mills keep dogs in terrible conditions where

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