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Trust Your Pet Boarding to Animal Care Center

The sheer stress of having to leave your furry family member behind for a vacation is a real issue! Some owners will opt to cancel their trip if their pet cannot come along because they think pet boarding is not an option. But you really need that vacation. So, what’s a loving pet owner to do?

Trust your pet boarding needs to the friendly staff at Animal Care Center.

A Place to Stay, a Place to Play

At Animal Care Center, we are perfectly equipped for safe, comfortable overnight pet boarding. While you are away, your pet will be enjoying a vacation of their own. They’ll be right at home sleeping in our cozy indoor kennels and love playing with old and new friends in our large outdoor exercise area and playground.

You can leave your dog or cat with us and leave your worries behind. What’s more, you can even make an appointment with our professional groomer to bathe and pamper your pet a little extra in preparation for your homecoming. That way, your furry friend will come home soft and smelling sweet.

Dog Boarding

Every dog that comes through our doors is treated with the loving care you would expect, and we enjoy giving. The staff at Animal Care Center interacts with each dog boarded for a personal touch to their stay.

When your dog arrives, you will want to bring a piece of bedding they prefer, a toy or two, any special treats they are used to, and their dog food. When your dog has familiar things, they will relax rather quickly, comforted by the scents of home.

Cat Boarding

Separate from the dog area, our kitty cat boarders enjoy a condo-style unit. Upon arrival, your cat will cozy up and become one of the family at Animal Care Center.

Please bring toys and food that your cat will be familiar with. This adds another level of comfort to your furry feline’s stay.

Trusted Care and Pet Boarding in the Greater Atlanta Area.

We understand how difficult it is to leave a pet behind when they cannot come on a trip. That is why we strive to provide the most comfortable boarding services for your pets.

Find safe, caring, comfortable dog boarding, cat boarding, and grooming services. Contact Animal Care Centerto schedule your pet’s stay. Pets visit us from Cumberland, Mableton, Marietta, Smyrna, and Austell.

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