How To Choose The Right Toys For Your Dog


Toys are essential for training, rewarding, exercising, and entertaining your dog. Just like the size and playtime styles vary from dog to dog, so do their toys. Some dogs have a tendency for chewing more so than other dogs and if they are not provided with the proper outlet, may develop behavioral issues. The options

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Keeping Your Pets Active: Exercising Your Senior Dogs


Even though as humans we might not like it at times, regular exercise and activity are very important to our health as we age. When it comes to our pets, they are no different. In a perfect world, our pets would stay as puppies or kittens forever. However, our dog’s age, and throughout their aging

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What To Do If Your Dog’s Behavior Suddenly Changes


We love our dogs and just like humans, they go through changes and developments throughout their life. Dogs who are otherwise on their best behavior can suddenly display signs of bad behavior. Considering that pets have no sense of morality, they do not do something since it's "incorrect" or "right." They simply do whatever works.

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How Can You Prevent Rabies in Animals?


When most people think of rabies, they picture a violent animal that is foaming at the mouth. No one would like to see their beloved pet in this state. The fear of rabies is very real for many pet owners. People often forget that wildlife, whether it is small, cute, and quit can be dangerous.

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First Aid for Pets


It is always best to be prepared. Especially for the unexpected things in life. Most people have some sort of a first aid kit in their house. Whether it is bandages, antibacterial medicine, hydrogen peroxide, or pain-relieving medication, most situations can be easily handled at home. Especially if a household has kids, they are more

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Care for Senior Pets


As much as we don’t want to acknowledge it or admit it, everything gets old - even our pets. It may be hard to watch your best friend get old and for some of us, we may even be in a bit of denial. But one day you notice they don’t come as quickly as

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Dog Health Tips: Grain-Free Food?


It is safe to say that everyone has heard about grain-free pet food being a healthier alternative at least once. But is that really true? Is it really healthier for your dog? Grain-free pet food gained popularity as a low-carb alternative for pets. This happened around the time the keto-diet became popular for humans. Dog

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Cooking For Your Dog? The Pros and Cons of Homemade Dog Food


It seems like a no brainer to cook the food for your pet. After all, you would cook homemade food for your kids. But there are some things to consider before jumping in paws first into homemade dog food. Dog nutrition is completely different from a human diet. So, you have to do your research

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The 6 Leading Dog Foods That Cause Canine Heart Disease


With everything going crazy and the stores running low on stock you may have to face the decision of switching your dog’s food in a pinch because their usual brand simply isn’t available. While this is tenuous generally, it’s important to also be aware of the latest science when it comes to dog foods. There

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5 Serious Dog Health Problems You Might Be Missing


With our little furry companions becoming more like children each day we take it seriously if they’re not feeling well. But, even the most diligent pet parent might miss something sometimes. Sometimes dogs show health problems in ways that look normal to humans. It’s easy to miss something important and think they are ok. Here

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