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When you want hope, love, and compassionate care for your pets, your pets will love you, even more, when you choose the Animal Care Center of Smyrna, in Smyrna, GA.

Here at Animal Care Center, we specialize in caring for cats and dogs with hope, love, and dignity. That’s why cats and dogs from all over Smyrna and the nearby communities prefer us. Pets prefer Animal Care Center because veterinarian Dr. Williams is so good at calming them down and making them feel better about their visits. He takes a lot of time with them and educates their people, too. Plus everyone at Animal Care Center is super-friendly.

Finding a good veterinarian should be easier these days (in theory anyway), since the profession has been steadily growing in popularity. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the veterinary medicine field is projected to continue increasing by 35 percent over the next few years.

Here at the Animal Care Center of Smyrna, we know that finding the best veterinarian to care for your precious pets can still be stressful and confusing in spite of the increase of available vets today.

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We Care About Your Pet

Dr. Williams and our very compassionate staff will treat your pet just like we would our own. That’s because we fully understand that your pet isn’t simply an animal to you but an important member of your family. That’s why we would love to become your dedicated partners in the care and maintenance of his or her overall health and well-being. Simply put, we care about your pets just like you do.

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Care for Illness or Injuries

We can attend to all kinds of minor and major pet health concerns as well as routine medical care. Since our pets aren’t able to tell us exactly what they’re feeling and what may be wrong, proper evaluation needs to be completed to avoid any complications. Pets are susceptible to all kinds of illnesses and injuries, just like we are.

So, you should try to be aware of your pet’s normal behavior as much as possible by regularly checking how they’re eating, sleeping, walking, and playing. If you start noticing any changes or signs of illness or stress, call us for an appointment and bring your furry friend in for a visit. We’ll greet you and your pet with kind words and warm hearts to put you both at ease.

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The Key to Good Pet Health

Finding a veterinarian that’s the best one for your furry family is the key to their good health. At the Animal Care Center of Smyrna, love and compassionate care for your pets will always be our top priority. And, you’ll find that your pet will take a liking to Dr. Williams right from the start because he’s so caring and adept at calming them. This helps them with feeling so much better about their visits to the vet.

He also takes a great deal of time diagnosing them while also educating their pet parents, which is very important.

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Very professional and friendly staff. We came in yesterday morning with our baby and she had to have emergency surgery.

Philippe Mottier

Timely, professional, affordable, and nice. They take great care of my dog.

Bradley K

Awesome staff who treats your pet as their own!! My dog LOVES going to visit.

Elizabeth Perrine

Friendly and Caring

After one visit to the Animal Care Center of Smyrna, you’ll agree with pet owners and pets alike from Smyrna to all of the nearby communities. What they’re saying is that they prefer Dr. Williams and feel that he and his staff are incredibly friendly and caring. Here at Animal Care Center, we specialize in caring for cats and dogs effectively and lovingly. And, that’s why pets from all over Smyrna and the nearby communities prefer us.

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Ensure Your Pet’s Long and Healthy Life

The bottom line is that your pets are going to love you more than ever for choosing one of the very best vets in the Smyrna, GA, area to care for them. At the Animal Care Center of Smyrna, we’re ready, willing, and able to help make the life of your pet the best that it can be via plenty of care for good health. Nothing says “I love you” like ensuring that your pet has a long and healthy life!

We are excited to meet you and your pet!

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