Amazing Internal Medicine for Your Furry Friends

Internal medicine is something a lot of people think about when it comes to their own health. They seek out internal medicine doctors for a majority of illnesses and organ diseases. What surprises them the most is that animals also need internal medicine doctors.

Good health begins on the inside

The best thing for your pet is having regular checkups. This helps us catch any internal health problems early and treat them more easily. We screen for cancer (oncology) and follow your pet’s internal and digestive health closely, including fatty liver disease and worms.

Cats and dogs suffer many of the same internal health problems as humans. Poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to pet diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal (digestive system) disorders, cardiovascular problems, and heart conditions. Certain breeds are also more or less prone to having certain health problems.

Thanks to his years of experience, Dr. Williams knows exactly what to look for and when. He’ll also explain preventative steps you can take at home to protect your pet from accidental health problems. Just as he has done for so many pet owners and their pets from all over Smyrna, Georgia, and the nearby communities.

Choose animal doctor Otto Williams, DVM, for the latest internal veterinary medicine and treatment. Call us at 770.438.2694 or use our convenient online Request an Appointment form to schedule your visit. Our internal medicine patients come to us from Smyrna, Austell, Cumberland, Mableton, and Marietta.

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Examples of Some of the Problems This Branch of Vet Medicine Addresses

Dogs and cats and a few other larger pets can all develop problems like diabetes and arthritis. Vets who diagnose these problems can spot these issues early and help you treat them so that your pet has a longer and better life. Other issues involve diagnosing parasites such as heart worms and heart worm disease, and parasitic diseases of the lower GI tract and of the brain. When these health problems are caught early through regular preventive care of your animals, the problems can be treated successfully.

Addressing Cancer in Your Pets

Veterinary internal medicine specialists also diagnose cancer in animals. Yes, pets can get cancer, just like humans, and yes, it is treatable. As long as the cancer has not metastasized (i.e., spread to other areas of the body) the vet can surgically remove tumors and affected tissues to help your pet. If your pet has to lose a limb or a body part, there is a good chance that amputation can be adjusted to help your pet continue to be mobile and/or function just as well as he/she did before the cancer was diagnosed.

Additional treatments for cancer, such as radiation, may be conducted at pet hospitals that are equipped to manage it. If your vet can remove tumors and affected organs or tissues but suggests that your pet get radiation, you may need to find an animal hospital close to you that provides advanced internal health and healing treatments.

Internal Problems Related Specifically to Certain Breeds

When you research different breeds before selecting a pet, you generally look for common problems a breed might have. For example, a Himalayan cat or a pug dog may suffer regularly from breathing problems and/or pulmonary issues because of the way the bones in their flat faces inhibit breathing. Some dog breeds regularly suffer heart conditions. These are all issues that a vet can check out and help you keep an eye on in case they need to be treated at a later date.

If you purchase and bring home a pet that later has signs of a typical breed-related health concern, your vet can keep a regular eye on that. In the event that the problem gets worse or suddenly causes a bigger problem for your new breed-specific pet, then you know what to expect ahead of time. Having a vet that specializes in internal medical things for pets prepares you for the best and worst-case scenarios.

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