All About Catnip: What is it, Why does it Work, and How Your Cat Responds to It


Over the years, Catnip has sparked many funny characters and jokes about cats going crazy for it. It is a plant that has been long associated with cats. Whether a mountain lion or a small domestic kitten, cats can not seem to get enough catnip. Many cats have a sensitivity to this herb and it

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How Can You Prevent Rabies in Animals?


When most people think of rabies, they picture a violent animal that is foaming at the mouth. No one would like to see their beloved pet in this state. The fear of rabies is very real for many pet owners. People often forget that wildlife, whether it is small, cute, and quit can be dangerous.

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First Aid for Pets


It is always best to be prepared. Especially for the unexpected things in life. Most people have some sort of a first aid kit in their house. Whether it is bandages, antibacterial medicine, hydrogen peroxide, or pain-relieving medication, most situations can be easily handled at home. Especially if a household has kids, they are more

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Care for Senior Pets


As much as we don’t want to acknowledge it or admit it, everything gets old - even our pets. It may be hard to watch your best friend get old and for some of us, we may even be in a bit of denial. But one day you notice they don’t come as quickly as

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Cat Health Tips: What is an Ideal, Healthy Weight?


Maintaining a healthy weight is something many people struggle with. Obesity in children and adults has been on the rise for years. Studies have shown that pet obesity is also on the rise. The average weight for a cat has continued to increase over the years as pets gain weight. This gives a whole new

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Cats from Around the World – Persian Cat


One of the world’s most popular cats, is the Persian cat. Known for its distinctive face, the Persian cat has many different variations that can be classified in this breed. The major variations include the Doll Face Persian, Peke-Face Persian, Exotic Shorthair Persian, and the Teacup Persian. Doll Face Persian The Doll Face Persian cats

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