When you first think of this National Holiday you probably think of the black and white spotted dog best known as the Dalmatian that hangs out with the firefighters at the Station House. There are so many breeds making great strides in saving lives, as well as making a difference in their communities we would like to recognize that includes Fire and SAR dogs – national fire pup day.

National Fire Pup Day on October 1st recognizes the canine firefighters that have long been members of fire departments across the country. While the origin of the Dalmatian is unknown, their use in firehouses began during the 1700s. Trained as a carriage dog, the Dalmatian’s agility transferred quickly to horse-drawn fire engines.

They were also easily identified by their spotted and speckled coats. In the days of the horse-drawn fire carts, they provided a valuable service, having a natural affinity to horses. The Dalmatian’s duty was to run alongside the horses. They ran in front of or beneath the wagon axles clearing the way.

These energetic firehouse mascots serve to educate the public about fire safety. They also represent past fire pup in honor of their heroism. Learn more about fire pup history. Visit rover.com to learn more. Use #NationalFirePupDay to post on social media. National Day Calendar continues researching the origin of this fire fighting heritage day.

National Fire Pup Day History: Why Do Firehouses Need Dogs?

For many years, the Dalmatian was a well-recognized team member of each firehouse. They went on fire calls with the other members of the department–clearing the way for the then horse-drawn vehicles, protecting the equipment and the horses, and preventing bystanders from getting too close.

Rather than working at the fires, their role is now largely one involving public relations, but they still play a role in many fire stations.” Human firefighters are honored on October 5th through the 7th, on Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend. October is also National Animal Safety and Protection Month.

Create a Fire Safety Plan with Your Dog in Mind

On National Fire Pup Day why not think about revising your fire safety plan to include your pets? You might also think about installing monitored fire protection, which is an excellent way to get your pets help faster in the event that you’re not home when a fire starts.

And if you’re the owner of a Dalmatian, give him or her some extra scratches or playtime to celebrate the holiday!

National Fire Pup Day on October 1 honors canine members of America’s fire departments. Dogs have historically worked, lived, and slept alongside members of local fire departments. Although most people only associate Dalmatians with firefighting, there are actually many different breeds that do this kind of thing. And they’re not just companion animals, either.

There’s a long, interesting history surrounding fire pups. Let’s take a look.

Fire stations sometimes take in dogs who have survived a fire — only to get left behind in the aftermath. You can adopt these dogs, usually during fire department benefits. There are a lot of ways to get involved with your local fire department, and educational initiatives are especially helpful.

Inquire About Your Dog Being A Fire Dog

If you think that might be a good fit for you, look into becoming one. Dogs have moved beyond being “carriage dogs” and firefighting mascots to actually helping investigators determine the cause of a fire. The super-sensitive noses of “acceleration detection canines” can sniff out evidence of arson. Dalmatians made great “carriage dogs” and firefighting companions since their unique look made them easy to spot during nighttime, smoke-filled situations.​In 2012, a blind, deaf, three-legged Dachshund named True alerted its owner to a fire in their home.

Fire pups are just as brave — and deserve to be recognized — just as much as dogs who have worked in wars, during natural disasters, or at crime scenes. Dogs have been bred to be loyal and loving. Firedogs have the added responsibility of providing that loyalty to people who work in especially dangerous situations.

When the fire engine took to the roads the Dalmatians would run alongside and protect the horses. Once they arrived at the fire the Dalmatians acted as watchdogs for the rig and horses. Despite today’s lack of horse-drawn carriages, Dalmatians are still a staple of many fire departments and often can be found riding inside the modern fire trucks and catching rats at the fire station.

Celebrate the Fire Pups in Your Neighborhood on October 1st

Today, Dalmatians are still the same iconic breed of firehouses everywhere but there are other breeds in the Fire Service that have committed Heroic actions that we are including on this Special Day.

We hope you’ll honor some fire pups and if you have a special pup that needs some care make sure to contact us here at the Animal Care Center in Smyrna, GA.