Every pet owner always wishes the same thing, that their best friend could stay in their lives as long as possible. We will do anything to make our furry friends as happy and healthy for as long as we can.

Whether they are your first pet or your 5th every one of them is the apple of your eye. From canine to kitty, and everything in between we want them with us for as long as possible.

Here we give you five great health tips for your pet on helping to lengthen your pet’s life in easy ways.

1. You Are What You Eat, Feed Them The Highest Quality Diet You Can

It’s been said, you are what you eat and that holds true for humans and animals. Feeding a high-quality diet have a shinier coat, healthy skin, brighter eyes, less chance of developing disease, and more longevity.

A great diet strengthens your pet’s immune system, helps maintain digestive health and keeps their muscles and joints healthy.

2. Don’t Let Your Pet Become Overweight

Just as in humans, being overweight, even by a couple of pounds in animals especially, is incredibly detrimental to their health. Obesity shortens your animal’s life more than any other ailment by as much as 2 years.

It puts them at risk for heart disease, diabetes, joint disease, and more. Don’t over love them and put them at risk with too many treats.

3. See Your Veterinarian on a Regular Schedule

Every pet requires regular doctor visits and checkups to make sure they are healthy. More than this, seeing your vet regularly allows them to catch differences early and see things that might be out of place and have more time to treat the problem.

Early diagnosis is key in so many ailments for more successful treatment. Diagnosing your pet early can also save you a lot of money in the long run as well.

4. Dental Health is Important for Your Pet Too

Dental disease and oral health issues are a very common problem with household dogs and cats. These problems can cause them additional pain, make it difficult for them to eat, and cause a myriad of underlying problems.

Poor oral health can cause heart and kidney disease and other major illnesses. You should try to brush their teeth at home or have their teeth brushed regularly at a groomer or your vet’s office.

5. Don’t Allow Unsupervised Outdoor Roaming for Your Dog or Cat

Allowing your pets the freedom of roaming the neighborhood may seem like a wonderful thing that would be beneficial to your animals. But, letting them roam leaves them very vulnerable. They are exposed to a large variety of dangers, like car accidents, predation, exposure to poisons, exposure to contagious diseases, heartworm, fleas, ticks, and more.

Also, there is always a chance that your pet will find themselves in the wrong neighbor’s yard and accidentally dig up a garden or leave an unexpected present for them to find causing drama for you and the neighborhood.

We All Need to Remember That Our Pet’s Depend on Us For Everything and All The Care They Need

Getting a pet is a big responsibility and while the things on this list may seem common sense it’s good to hear this stuff over again. Even for the most experienced dog or cat owner, it’s good to find ways to make their lives better.

Why? Because they give us so so much in return.

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