Introducing the Regal Papillon

Featured in works of art dating back to the 1500s, the Papillon is an elegant toy breed of dog and is an ideal companion. For centuries the Papillon has been accompanying owners for couch time, doing chores, going for rides, and more. And being so small, they can go almost anywhere with you. Their beauty draws attention, and their intelligence is astounding for such a tiny pup.

The American Kennel Club describes the Papillon in the following way.

“The quick, curious Papillon is a toy dog of singular beauty and upbeat athleticism. Despite his refined appearance, the Pap is truly a ‘doggy dog’ blessed with a hardy constitution. More robust than they look, Paps are little dogs for all seasons and reasons.”

Suppose your perfect pet includes a tiny pup with exceeding beauty, brains, versatility, and constant loving companionship. In that case, the Papillon might just be for you.


Papillon Appearance

Everywhere the Papillon prances, its look of elegance and royalty will draw the attention of spectators. Their tiny size and sleek flowing coats demand to be seen, and your Pap is happy to oblige. Of course, in French, Papillon means butterfly. And those ears resemble a butterfly with its wings outstretched. These stunning Paps are easily identified with fancy long flowing coats, plume tails, and iconic oversized ears.

The soft coat of the Papillon comes in a variety of combinations. They can be bi or tri-colored in fawn, black, white, and chocolate.

Average Height: 8 – 11 inches

Weight: 3 – 12 lbs.

Life Span: 13-17 years

Not sure if your rescue fits this description? Give us a call to find out at Animal Care Center.

Papillon Care

The Papillon is ready for almost anything, being happy wherever you are. They can live in an apartment or a huge home. Just remember they are too small and dainty to be left outside.

Paps are lively, alert, and happy little ones. They are among the most intelligent breeds and respond well to training. So, when you give them something to do, they are thrilled to accept the challenge. They will play fetch, catch a tiny frisbee, and are excellent at agility training. In fact, Paps are one of the most entertaining dogs to own. Likewise, they will curl up and be your loving lapdog if you provide them with enough mental stimulation throughout the day.


Most toy breeds can be a bit picky with their food. But you are the human; hold your ground. Depending on their size, they only need ½ to one cup of dry dog food per day.

And remember that treats are great for training, but there can be a point where too many treats are unsuitable for any dog breed. Clean, fresh water should always be available, as the Papillons can dehydrate.


With long flowing coats, you’d be surprised at how easy Papillons are to groom. They do not shed or matt too much, so weekly brushing is all they need. Then your pup will need nails trimmed, and teeth brushed.

The coat of a Papillon is a thing of beauty. To keep the oils locked in the hairs, do not over bathe your Pap. They really only need a bath every 2 weeks or when they get dirty. And they are not a dog with odor. Most of the time, they do not smell like “dog” at all.



First and foremost, new Papillon owners should know that this breed has no idea how small they are. They are more intelligent than you can imagine, and they think they are a big dog. This can be a problem when they want to jump down from a place that is just too high. So, make sure your Pap knows where they are safe to jump and where they are not allowed.

That said, Papillons do need exercise and mental stimulation. But since they are so tiny, a simple ball fetching session in the house can suffice and wear their little motors out.


Papillons are very healthy pups and live long lives. However, they do have a couple of minor dog issues. These may include patellar luxation and eye issues. Now, there is a condition called paroxysmal respiration or pharyngeal gag reflex. Still, this reverse sneezing condition is not a problem. While it may seem an alarming sound, there is no need for concern.

Furthermore, the best care you can give your Papillon is to have an excellent veterinarian to rely on. That is what Animal Care Centers is all about, providing the best care for pets and their owners.

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