National Black Dog Day on October 1st encourages the adoption of a dog in the darker shades. Black dogs are less likely to be adopted for no other reason than their coloring. Regardless of behavior, size, breeding, personality, or age, the phenomenon persists. You’ll find their behavior is no different from dogs of a different color.

They come in short hair, long-haired and shaggy breeds, too. Do you like a floppy-eared pup? Every ear, tail, bark, and size comes in some beautiful shade of black. Big paws and little paws, too. Not only do they come in every shape and size, but they all need forever homes.

Breeding and previous care affect how they respond. If you are seeking to add a canine companion to your pack, consider adopting one with an ebony sheen. Their loyalty is no less or more than another dog, but they need a home, too. Allow a black dog to become your forever friend.

When is National Black Dog Day?

On what day is National Black Dog Day celebrated? October 1

This day is all about loving our best four-legged friend with black fur. Did you know that black dogs are the least likely to be adopted? However, black dogs are just as lovable, loyal, and cuddly as any other color of dog!

  • In fact, here are some reasons to love black dogs:
  • They have a stunning colored coat
  • Their coat naturally looks and stays cleaner
  • They’re a family dog
  • They look dashing with accessories
  • They have a beautiful face
  • They’re great snuggle buddies
  • They’ll love you unconditionally

Who Founded National Black Dog Day?

The day was created by author Colleen Paige, who is also the founder of National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day, and National Cat Day.

What is the Hashtag for National Black Dog Day?

Use the hashtag #NationalBlackDogDay when posting to social media.

Why Having a Black Dog Day is Important

As the parent of a paws-itively wonderful, charming, fun-loving black dog, I can personally vouch for the fact that black dogs are every bit as amazing as dogs of any other color. If you’ve ever shared your life with a black dog, you no doubt agree.

In many shelters, black dogs are continually passed over in favor of their lighter-colored shelter mates. As a matter of fact, black dogs are included in a group of harder-to-adopt pets on Petfinder that take an average of four times as long to find their fur-ever homes!

What is Black Dog Syndrome?

The challenge that black dogs face in getting adopted has been given a name — Black Dog Syndrome.

Although black cats are more commonly associated with bad luck, apparently black dogs are not immune to the effects of this superstition. Add to this the fact that these dogs are portrayed negatively in many books and movies (picture the fearsome black dogs in The Hounds of the Baskervilles or Harry Potter) and you can see why people might subconsciously steer away from adopting a dark-colored dog.

Why Do Black Dogs Get Passed By on Adoption Apps?

Since people who are looking to adopt frequently browse pictures of potential pets on shelter websites, appealing photographs go a long way towards helping dogs win the hearts of their future families. Since black dogs’ features frequently don’t stand out as well, people are less likely to want to adopt them based on their pictures alone.

Because of their color, black dogs can easily blend into the shadows in a kennel and won’t attract as much attention. Their facial features also may not be as easy to distinguish, masking their personalities, and making it harder for them to connect with potential dog parents. Black dogs are perceived as “ordinary.” Even though black may not be the most common color for a dog, many people feel that a black dog blends into the crowd.

Of course, we know that none of these reasons mean that black dogs aren’t amazing pets, but they do mean that these beautiful pooches have some obstacles to overcome. National Black Dog Day was founded to help raise awareness of the plight of black dogs waiting for adoption. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt, you can still help.

Do You Have a Black Dog? We Want to See Them!

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We love all animals of every color and want to make sure to give black dogs a round of “a-paws” on October 1st!

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