Calling all responsible pet owners! June is National Microchipping Month and it’s time to celebrate. Microchips can save lives and reunite pets with their owners in the unfortunate case they are lost. We are going to talk about all the ways the microchips help animals, their owners, and rescue shelters. In addition to that, we will also go over all the ways you can celebrate National Microchipping Month. During Nation Pet ID week, we here at Animal Care Center reviewed all of the ways you can protect your pet. Just like humans, identification is important for animals and can make a big difference in situations.

Microchipping is More Important Than You Might Think

It is more than just returning pets to their owners in the case that they are separated. Pet identification can be important for the safety and medical needs of your pet. If there is any important information regarding medical or health complications, that data can be stored on the chip and alert a vet in case they are discovered without their owners. Microchips are more permanent than the tag on their collar. A collar can be ripped off or misplaced. The most common story we hear is that the owner removed the collar to bath their pet and during that time, the pet got out of the yard and wandered the neighborhood without identification.

Microchip technology is also expanding to companies that are setting up in products to be specific to animals microchip. For example, a doggie door that only opens for your pet. This can be significantly safer than a traditional doggie door and also is specific to your dog’s chip.

Microchip Your Pets and Update Your Contact Information

Microchipping can also be very relieving in times of stress for pet owners. If your dog is found by a stranger and they are trying to claim it as their own, without a microchip it would be very difficult to prove your ownership. If your cat is lost in the case of a natural disaster, it is also easier to identify your cat versus the hundreds of others that enter the shelter during that time.

Regularly updating contact information on your pet’s microchip is so important. When we move to a new address, there is so much information that needs to be updated. Updating your pet’s microchip information may not come to mind as a priority, but it is important. Outdated information will do no good in the case of your pet being misplaced and trying to return home.

Promote Microchipping in Your Community

Some animals are microchipped upon purchase or adoption. This is not the case for all animals. Owners need to know whether or not their pet is properly identifiable in the case they are lost.

Get Involved!

Whether it is volunteering at your local animal shelter or donating money, helping in any way you can is important. Shelters make an effort to chip animals while they are adopted, following up and making sure the owners register their information is key. Without this step, the chip is virtually useless.

Protect Your Pet Today

Making sure your contact information is accessible in the unfortunate case your pet gets lost can make things even the tiniest bit less stressful. Microchips should be checked regularly to make sure they are still working properly and securely in place. Many pet owners think it won’t happen to their pet and we would never wish the loss of a beloved pet upon anyone, but it is best to be prepared. At the Animal Care Center, we make sure your pet is safe and secure.

Call or visit us today to make sure your pet is easily identifiable and secure in the unfortunate case they go missing.