Toys are essential for training, rewarding, exercising, and entertaining your dog. Just like the size and playtime styles vary from dog to dog, so do their toys. Some dogs have a tendency for chewing more so than other dogs and if they are not provided with the proper outlet, may develop behavioral issues.

The options for dog toys are endless and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Different dogs have different instincts and tendencies. This is why pet owners can quickly end up with piles of toys cluttering their space.

Dogs have preferences regarding their toys. Just like you wouldn’t buy a chihuahua and a Great Dane the same toy, you need to pay attention to your dog’s desires regarding a toy. Their preference depends on their own personal style of playing and chewing.


If your dog has a desire to play fetch, then a ball will be a must-have. Ranging from a simple tennis or rubber ball, all the way to new glow-in-the-dark balls, there is quite a variety to choose from. Some balls can be filled with treats, while others make noise. Always be sure your dog’s ball is big enough for them to pick up without accidentally swallowing.

Tennis balls make great dog toys, but keep an eye out for any that could be chewed through and discard them immediately if they are cracked. (

Discs and Other Retrieving Toys

Just like the ball, a disc is perfect for a dog who likes to play fetch. Discs can provide a bit more of a challenge for your dog as some of them can change direction and speed.

Pay Special Attention to Fetch Toys Don’t use extremely hard or very heavy toys for fetch games. (

Plush Toys

Many dogs enjoy stuffed animals and plush toys. Oftentimes these toys contain a squeaker and stuffing. A lot of dogs have the tendency to rip apart their plush toys and destroy the squeaker. Be sure to monitor your dog with their plush toys, as this can be a choking hazard for your dog. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, it is unlikely that a plush toy lasts very long.

Just make sure your pup knows which plush toys are his, and not a family member’s stuffed animal or pillow. (

Squeakies (non-plush)

If your dog enjoys the squeaker but is an aggressive chewer, consider plush-free squeaky toys. These are typically made out of vinyl, rubber, or plastic and can range in durability. These toys may not last very long but are usually pretty cheap. They even offer “silent-squeakers”. This means the squeaker is at a pitch that is too high for humans to hear, yet your dog can still enjoy it.

Rope Toys

Whether they are made of braided rope, rubber, or plastic, rope toys can be a very versatile toy. While they can easily shred and pose a danger, you should monitor your dog will they play with them. Rope toys are good for tug-of-war, fetch, and chewing.

Floating Toys

Any dog who loves to go swimming will appreciate a good floating toy! Floating balls, rings, and more are specifically designed to be easy for your dog to find and grab in water. Be sure to rinse these toys out after using them in water to prevent mildew or mold!

Safety First!

It is important to remember to always make sure the toy is the proper size to avoid choking hazards. If a toy is damaged, it should be discarded. If you do accumulate a wealth of unused toys, try storing them for some time and reintroducing them later. Otherwise, sanitize and donate them to your local shelter!

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