Learning About the Rottweiler

Known as “Rotties” to those who love them, these dogs are a robust working breed descended from the Roman legion mastiffs.

The American Kennel Club labels the Rottweiler as being “A gentle playmate and protector within the family circle, the Rottie observes the outside world with a self-assured aloofness.” And at the Animal Care Center, we truly love them.

Suppose you are looking for a silly dog that thinks he is a lap dog; this is a great breed. Furthermore, if you need a watchdog, they are imposing and have a booming bark. In that case, the Rottweiler may be for you. To learn more about the Rottie, Animal Care Center has put together a guide for various dog breeds. So, keep reading, and we are sure you will fall in love with the Rottweiler.

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Rottweiler Appearance

The Rottweiler’s general appearance is that of a large, thickly muscled dog. They have a short shiny black coat with rust markings. And the Rottie’s coat does not shed too much. They really just need a brush now and again and good teeth brushing. And although they look menacing, they are rather laid back if trained and handles properly.

Here are a few of the Statistics for Rottweiler.

Average Height:

Height: 24-27 muscular inches at the shoulder

Weight: 90-130 pounds

Life Span: 12 years

Not sure if your rescue fits this description? Give us a call to find out at Animal Care Center.


Rottweiler Care

Rottweilers were bred to be guards for butchers who were traveling with meat and money. So, they naturally have a wariness to strangers. They are confident and intelligent. But, if you want a Rottie in your home, they should undergo intense training and be socialized from a young age.

That said, they are bold, devoted, assertive, task-oriented, and laid-back. The ideal owner would be a single, experienced dog owner who is active. It would help if the owner has a type A personality and loves the outdoors.

Living Needs

These solid dogs are intelligent and can be trained. They are energetic and love playing fetch, catch, and going for a run. However, they crave attention from their owners, so anyone who wants a Rottweiler should have time and attention to spare. What’s more, the owner should have a commanding ability and show the dog they are in charge.

A nice backyard is a good idea, as you will see, they need plenty of exercise.


Rotties should be fed 4 to 10 cups of high-quality dry dog food per day. A visit to the vet can tell you just how much to feed your dog but know it will be a lot! And remember that treats are great for training, but there can be a point where too many treats are not suitable for dogs. Feed your dog in two meals to avoid bloat.



Rottweilers need as much exercise as they can get. They love to play ball and run free, but they do not wander, as they love to be with their owner. Additionally, they like to swim and are great on bike rides.


Rotties are sturdy and relatively healthy. They can be prone to hip dysplasia and eye problems. Some even snore and overeat if allowed.

The best care you can give your Rottweiler is to have an excellent veterinarian to rely on. That is what Animal Care Centers is all about, providing the best care for pets and their owners.

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