Border Collie

Originating from Scotland, this breed really fits its name. Since it flourished on the border of Scotland and England and is a sheepdog (hence, collie), the breed easily came by its name. Border Collies can learn several words and commands. And as a member of the “herding group,” they remain happiest when working every day.

The American Kennel Club describes the Border Collie as,

“A remarkably bright workaholic, the Border Collie is an amazing dog—maybe a bit too amazing for owners without the time, energy, or means to keep it occupied. These energetic dogs will settle down for cuddle time when the workday is done.”

Border Collie Appearance

Both agile and muscular, the Border Collie is a beautiful medium-sized dog. The rough coat and the smooth coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. But perhaps the most well-known is the classic black and white. Here are the average statistics for the impressive breed.

Average Height:

Males – 19-22


Females – 18-21 inches

Weight: 30-55 pounds

Life Span: 12-15 years

Perhaps a photo is all you need to fall in love with the Border Collie.

Border Collie

Border Collie Care

Border Collies are some of the best pets to have due to their appearance, intelligence, and obedience. What’s more, they don’t need a whole lot of care as they are healthy and sturdy. Here are the ways you can care for your pet.


Diets appropriate for this breed’s age are essential, as well as the weight of the dog. You see, Border Collies can get overweight in a hurry, especially if they are not in a free-running area. Choose high-quality pet food for your Border Collie.


Border Collies are seasonal shedders and need brushing weekly. Both the smooth and rough coats of the Border Collie are water-resistant and double. Trim the nails and brush the coat with a pin brush to keep matting away.


Perhaps the most essential component of the Border Collie’s health is exercise. Daily exercise with space to run is a must for these herder dogs. And they do well with obedience, agility, rally, and tracking training and in those competitive areas, as well. The Border Collie is very high energy and may not be ideal for a sedentary owner.


As with all pets, regular checkups are vital to a long life for your Border Collie. Additionally, check the dog’s ears for infection and regularly brush the teeth. Overall, this breed is very healthy and hardy. With the right breeder, your pup should live a long healthy life.

Border Collie

Interesting Border Collie Facts

As great family pets, these dogs have many interesting facts for those considering a Border Collie.

  1. Queen Victoria, along with several of today’s celebrities, was a Border Collie lover.
  2. They are known for their intense stare or “eye,” which they use to control the herds.
  3. This breed can outsmart its owner. If you want a dog that keeps you guessing, this may be the perfect breed for you.
  4. BCs are kid-friendly and affectionate toward strangers.
  5. They do not take well to being alone all day.
  6. Without mental stimulation, BCs will invent their own games to play, often frustrating owners.
  7. They are not cuddly couch potatoes. Again, they always desire a job.

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