Let Animal Care Center Care for Your Cobb County Pets.

Cobb County, Georgia, is known as “Atlanta’s Sweeet Spot,” and that it is. Cobb County is located in North Atlanta and includes cities, lakes, mountains, and nature trails. In fact, Cobb’s folks enjoy taking their pets with them on the many outdoor adventures available.

We know your furry family members are an integral part of your family. You will settle for nothing less than the best in Veterinarian care. That is our mission at  Animal Care Center. 

Animal Care center hopes you will choose a vet that will meet all of your animal’s needs and give you peace of mind.

Cobb County Practices Prevention Medicine 

If you want happy, healthy pets, preventative medicine is a must. Regular checkups identify small problems before they become larger ones. Getting blood work done, as well as annual vaccinations, will care for your pet from the inside out.

Another vital aspect of preventative medicine is monthly fleam tick and heartworm preventatives. So often, people forget to pick up these medicines and end up with very sick pets. It is sad, but it does not have to happen.

Finally, the doctor will look over the outside of the pet. A thorough examination of the animal’s skin, teeth, eyes, ears, body, and weight will identify potential problems or abnormalities. 

When a veterinarian sees your pet repeatedly, they will learn the pet’s responses and nuances. If there is a behavior change, the doctor will be able to alert you to the issue. You can trust the friendly staff at Animal Care Centers to love your pet just as you do, making the furry family members feel at ease.

The Importance of Internal Medicine

In an internal medical exam, the doctor will look at several key factors of the pet’s health.

  • Heart, kidneys, and liver function
  • the digestive tract
  • and the respiratory system

Knowing what is going on inside your pet is essential to keeping them healthy and whole. After all, pets can’t just come out and tell us what is wrong.

When Surgery is Necessary

Does your pet need surgery? We know how worrisome that time can be. At Animal Care Center, we aim to put your heart and mind at ease. 

The compassionate Cobb County team will keep you updated the entire time. Your veterinarian has developed the skills necessary and the experience to guide your pet back to health. The doctor and caring staff will do all within their power to ensure your furry family member returns to you safe and sound.

Cobb County Grooming Services

Is grooming your pet a need or a want? Well, there is no difference to us, here at Cobb County’s favorite grooming center. We provide the following service and more:

  • Nail trimming
  • Hair trims and matte removal
  • Baths and, yes, blowouts.
  • Ears cleaned and more.

When you take your pet home after a good grooming, they will not only look better, but they will feel great too.

Cobb County Boarding Services

If you have ever gone somewhere, your pet is not allowed, it can be very stressful for both the human and the pet. Unfortunately, it happens. So, if you need care while you are gone, you can trust our boarding services in Cobb County.

Our funloving and comforting staff will give lots of love, scratches, playtime, snacks, and mealtime for your furry loved one.

Cobb County Trusts Us

If you want a care center that will treat your furry family members like their own, you have come to the right place. Animal Care Center is here for you and your pets in Cobb County.

You can trust the technicians and Doctor at Animal Care Centers with all your pet needs. 

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