Let Our Team Care for Your Powers Park Pets

We know you love your furry family member. And who wouldn’t? As you know, when you introduce a pet to your family, you take on a big responsibility. As you care for the animal, it becomes a beloved family member. We also know you want that same level of trust, love, and care shown to your furry family member by your veterinarian team. Look no further than the Animal Care Center Servicing Powers Park in Marietta, GA.

The Animal Care Center is a veterinarian team specializing in caring for your pets with compassion and insight. Dr. Williams is dedicated to veterinarian contemporary medicine and ensuring his team and pet owners are aware of the latest pet information. That is only one of the unique qualities of Dr. Williams.

Finding the best care center for your precious pets is crucial to their quality of life. The Animal Care Center’s Powers Park team is ready to serve your Powers Park pets’ medical needs with compassion, friendliness, and love. You can’t beat our staff’s enthusiasm and attention.

Your Pets Deserve Total Care

Powers Park’s best care for your beloved pet is at Animal Care Center. We provide complete care for all your pet’s health needs, including dental care, internal medicine, and emergency care. We are proud to say that caring for the total pet is our specialty. From eyes and ears to testing and surgery, the people of Powers Park can count on the fantastic staff at Animal Care Center and Dr. Williams.

Get Your Pet Groomed Here

Part of total care includes taking care of the coat and nails. Guess what? We have excellent groomers ready to make your pet comfortable as they are bathed and clipped, looking fresh and new.

The folks of Powers Park know they can count on Animal Care Center to groom their pets hassle-free. Let them do the “dirty work,” so you don’t have to. Your pet will be the talk of the neighborhood after grooming.

Safe and Secure Pet Boarding

We have all been there. You go to book your hotel room, and there are no pets allowed. It can be a frightening time for the owner. Leaving your fur baby with a stranger is a difficult thing to do. We know that and feel the same. However, your pet will already know the staff at Animal Care Center as one of our loved patients. So, no worries! 

Vacation assured that your pet will be in the best of care with excellent facilities and a vet team nearby while you are away. 

The Powers Park Animal Care Center Team

From the moment you encounter the friendly professionals at Animal Care Center, you’ll be among those who prefer Dr. Williams and the team servicing the Powers Park area. The total care of your pet is our utmost concern. So, you need not worry one bit. What’s more, the team will welcome your pet with open arms putting the animal at ease as well. That is a win, win.

Put your trust in the expert team at Animal Care Center by contacting them to schedule to meet our team and see where the people of Powers Park love to take their furry friends.