For the Best Care, Vinings Trusts Animal Care Center

If you live in Vinings, Georgia, you know the gem of an area you live in. The historic community of Vinings is just far enough away from Atlanta’s hustle and bustle to maintain its southern charm and create a trendy vibe that is all our own. And there is no denying, our pets are a big part of our world.

With access to so much living in Vinings, the residents want the very best they can get, and that includes our pets. Pet owners enjoy access to the best in Veterinarian care. That is our goal right here at the Animal Care Center. 

Whether you have a cat, a dog, a bird, or another animal, pets bring so much love to your life. 

Choose a vet that will meet all of your animal’s needs and give you peace of mind.

Some of the Service ACC Provides in Vinings

Our vet, Dr. Williams, provides experienced preventative care and treatment for many other pet health issues, including:

  • Gastrointestinal care, including worms
  • Blood test for fatty liver disease
  • Orthopedic care
  • Dermatologic care
  • Ophthalmologic care
  • Treatment for ear infections
  • Spay and neuter services
  • Soft-tissue surgery
  • Kennel cough treatment

So what is preventative medicine? We are glad you asked.

Practicing Prevention Medicine in Vinings

Preventative medicine for our animal family members is the best way to keep illness away. When you schedule regular checkups, including blood work, the vet can help identify potential problems before becoming real health issues. Annual vaccinations, monthly flea, tick, and heartworm prevention can all help your beloved pet stay healthy, avoiding common illnesses that can endanger your pet. 

In a routine examination, your Vinings vet will take a look at the pet’s skin, eyes, teeth, and body. The vet will be looking for any abnormalities or warning signs that could indicate there is a problem. 

As your vet gets to know your pet, you and your pet will become more at ease. The friendly staff at Animal Care Centers are excellent at making your animal feel loved and relaxed. We know the doctor’s office can be a stressful event for some of our sweet pets. Our goal is never to let that happen. 

Knowing The Importance of Internal Medicine

The best animal care means keeping track of what is going on inside for your pet. Your veterinarian will pay close attention to your pet’s digestive tract, heart, and other organs during each exam. Taking notes and keeping records allows the vet to notice changes that may be concerning more readily.

Choose a Veterinarian You Can Trust When Surgery is Necessary

When your pet needs surgery, you worry just as if it was a child. We know, and we get it. 

The compassionate animal care team in Vinings will keep you at ease and updated the entire time your furry family member is in surgery. Along with the caring staff, your veterinarian has developed the skills necessary and the experience to guide your pet back to health. They will do all within their power to ensure your beloved pet comes back to you safe and sound.

ACC’s Grooming Services

The animal care provided at Animal Care Centers encompasses all the care your pet may ever need. Grooming for some pets is a luxury, and for others, it is a necessity. At ACC, we are happy to provide the best grooming service in the area.

You see, if a dog is walked on concrete sidewalks a lot, they may not need their nails clipped as often. Say your pet has allergies and needs skincare or regular bathing… grooming may be a regular part of the care you provide for them. It is all a part of “best care.”

Did you know matting hair does not only look bad but can cause skin issues as well? We know you don’t want that. Let the expert groomers here take care of those pesky tangles for you.

Not to mention, when the staff handles your pet regularly, your pet will become more at ease with the team. If your pet ever needs emergency care, they will be familiar and more comfortable with our technicians and doctors.

Top-Notch Boarding Services

Unfortunately, our pets cannot always go where we are going. When you are not there, you want your pet to be cared for in the best way. The team at Animal Care Centers is on top of it. They will provide love, scratches, playtime, and mealtime for your furry family member.

Animal Care You Can Trust in Vinings, GA

Choose an animal care team in Vinings who will treat your pet like their own. You can trust the technicians and Doctor at Animal Care Centers with all your pet needs. 

Contact Animal Care Center today!