In case you haven’t heard, Merck Animal Health is definitely in the dog house after many patients have said that the flea and tick prevention drug, Bravecto, is the reason their dogs got horribly sick or even passed away.

Since 2018, there have been over 2,100 deaths and over 8,500 reported illnesses with Bravecto as the suspected cause.

Bravecto is sold in both a tablet form and is a topical medication and has been prescribed for both dogs and cats. The preventative is a pesticide that kills fleas and ticks.

How Did They Find Out Bravecto Was Dangerous?

A number of different pet owners have brought their dogs and cats in with a number of suspicious symptoms after giving the medication. 

If you’ve given this medication to your pet and notice any of the following symptoms make sure to get your animal to the veterinarian right away:

  • Vomiting
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Sudden Tiredness
  • Lack of Mobility
  • Sudden Onset Paralysis
  • Confusion
  • Any Other Strange Behavior

These symptoms are signs of Bravecto toxicity which is found to cause adverse neurological reactions such as tremors, ataxia, and seizures.

None of this was found in the information booklet on the drug provided to the patient. Remember that whenever you start to see something going on with your pet that seems out of the ordinary it’s important to get them seen by a professional.

Only your vet can give your pet a clean bill of health.

What’s Being Done About It?

In response to the multiple complaints and the low interest in compensation from the company, the victims have taken up in a class-action lawsuit against the makers of Bravecto, Merck Animal Health.

For some plaintiffs, like Valerie Palmieri, the company did offer to pay for the pet’s medical bills and other expenses. But, she would be required to sign an NDA and agree to not speak out against the drug or the company.

She refused to sign the paperwork since she had yet to know the full outcome of the battery of tests her German Shephard was being put through and wouldn’t know how long the condition would affect him.

Since then, only since ingesting the Bravecto, her dog Jake continues to have neurologic episodes. He’s fallen down the stairs and broke his leg. Palmieri says this whole ordeal has cost them into the tens of thousands of dollars to take care of her pet.

She is not the only one. So, Valerie and the other plaintiffs are suing the major company for their damages since they were not advised of the potential risks to their pets before administering the medication.

How Can You Avoid Your Pet Getting Sick?

Before starting your pet on any new medication it’s important to understand what the effect of the medication is and any known side effects there may be. 

Ask your veterinarian to explain to you the pros and cons of administering the medication and ask about other alternatives with fewer side effects or different ones if your pet is susceptible to any listed.

Since our furry friends have not developed the ability to talk we, as their owners, must be their dedicated health care advocates and make sure to ask the right questions before starting out on any medical plan.

What Do You Think About the Bravecto Class Action Lawsuit?

What would you do if you found yourself in a similar situation to the plaintiffs involved? Would you also be going after the corporation?

Do you think Merck knew about the potential complications but kept them under wraps to make the drug more marketable? Whenever a company is held up under a microscope we are bound to be suspicious, however, we must also remember that these are only allegations at this point.

Have you ever used Bravecto on your pet? What has been your experience? Make sure to share this post on Facebook and share your thoughts and concerns on the topic. The more information we can get out there the better.

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